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There is no better way to get a little of the taste of Louisiana than with some fresh live crawfish, and we at NBS Seafood have everything you’ll need to make your next crawfish boil unforgettable. Because we sell our crawfish live, you’ll be able to take them to the table with unparalleled freshness, giving you a way to really embrace the flavors of each bite. All of our live crawfish are wild caught from the state of Louisiana, so you’ll never need to worry about your flavor being unauthentic. Each live crawfish you receive will have had a natural diet of local food sources as well as a natural life in Louisiana waters.

A great crawfish boil will need a few other things to really get down with the taste of Louisiana, and we want to leave our customers completely prepared for their experience. Along with live crawfish, we also offer various seasonings to pair perfectly with your crawfish, as well as Andue or Gator sausage as an excellent complimenting protein, and even pots to get the perfect boil each and every time. Your crawfish boil can have a spicy Cajun flare, a more subdued flavor, or a mix of other tastes perfect for satisfying you, your family, and your guests.

Crawfish have the ultimate ability to absorb other flavors, which is why they pair so well with other meats and seasonings. Because our live crawfish are the freshest they can possibly be, and raised wild as they should be, you’ll be receiving a product with unmatchable flavor and flavor absorption. Our goal is to provide you with one way to really experience the taste of the Louisiana crawfish no matter how far you may live from Louisiana, or when your last trip to the state may have been.

By Weight


$8/lb 10lb-more lbs

$7/lb for whole sack (as is)

Crawfish Tail Meat


Frozen Cooked Louisiana Crawfish

$25 for 3lb bag


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