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Maryland is food famous for its crabs, and we at NBS Seafood offer live Maryland hard shell crabs so you can have the absolute freshest seafood experience possible. When in season, all of our live crabs come from the shores of Maryland, however we do source from the warm waters of Louisiana during local poor harvest times. No matter where our crabs are coming from, whether Maryland or Louisiana, you can still rest assured that you are getting pure unpasteurized and preservative free wholesome crab meat. Because our crabs are preservative free, you can also have confidence that you are getting exactly what you’re buying in terms of weight and flavor.

The Blue Crab is Maryland’s state crustacean, and probably one of the most famous seafoods to come out of the Chesapeake Bay region. Tourists will often come from far and wide to get a taste of this type of crab, and we at NBS Seafood want to make this flavor experience available to everyone. A Maryland Blue Crab can be harvested as a soft shell crab after molting, a hard shell crab before molting, or a peeler crab if the time is just prior to molting, and we offer all varieties of Blues to give you an opportunity to try each distinct flavor. As a hard or soft shell crab, Maryland Blues will typically have a very sweet and delicate flavor perfect for pairing with J.O. Spice or leaving unseasoned.

With our live hard shell crabs of any variety, you can be sure you’re getting the freshest of the fresh. Since the crabs are kept live, they can go from pot to table in the quickest span of time, allowing you to not miss out on any delicate nuance or particular flavor element; you get the full flavor of the crab every time!

Maryland Crabs

(Male: Large-XL)

Bushel: $350

3 Dozen: $235

Dozen: $80

(Male: Small-Medium)

Bushel: $230

3 Dozen: $175

Dozen: $60


Bushel: $150

3 Dozen: $80

Dozen: $30



3 Dozen:


Louisanna Crabs

LA Males #1

Bushel: $550

3 Dozen: $335

Dozen: $110

LA Males #2

Bushel: $350

3 Dozen: $235

Dozen: $80

Females (LA)

Bushel: $300

3 Dozen: $205

Dozen: $70

MD Crab Meat

Jumbo Lump: $50/lb

Lump: $40/lb

Snow Crab Clusters
12oz and up



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